Marcoprecision billiard glasses are much more than just a pair of glasses with big lenses.

Player and also optician , Marc Côté manufactures one by one these billiard glasses that stand out for the exceptional quality of the vision they provide while playing.

These are the only glasses on the market, specifically adjusted to the vision needed on the table.

Starting from your glasses prescription, we customize it to maximize your vision on the table. Marcoprecision billiard lenses are thinned for maximum lightness. The lenses have a scratch-resistant and an anti-reflection treatment .

The lightweight, strong and adjustable frame provides a play angle that maximizes the accuracy of your shot. In addition, the Marcoprecision is adjusted to ensure a comfortable and stable positioning when running a ball. They are sold all around the world by a few clicks on this site.






  The adjustment hooks come in pair and specificly fit on your Marcoprecision billiard glasses. ..


Nec Marcoprecision billiard eyewear

Nec Marcoprecision billiard eyewear

Nec (the whole kit, lenses&frame)

  Its high lenses feature scratch-resistant and anti-reflective treatments to ensure clear vision..


Spare parts also available


You can also order spare parts by contacting me, just click here, cliquez ICI.